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The roofing bolts are also known as truss head bolts. Truss head refers to a screw head that is extra wide and has a slightly rounded surface, or top. In other words, the head on top of the screw protrudes just above the surface to be fastened but contains a wider surface area just under the head. Ever Hardware provides the custom-made roofing bolts and customizable packaging.
These screws can be used for applications like securing thin membranes, such as one-ply, through insulation. Wooden truss head screws are also commonly used to attach cabinets to steel studs; or to attach sliding shelf supports, since the low-profile head of the truss head screw does not interfere with guide operation.
Truss head screws are well suited for sheet metal and other material with large diameter holes due to their wide head. Additionally, because of their low-dome shaped head, these screws make tampering with or removing the head difficult.
The Phillips screw drive was created by John P. Thompson, who after failing to interest manufacturers, sold his design to businessman Henry F. Phillips. Phillips is credited with forming a company (Phillips Screw Company), improving the design, and promoting the adoption of his product.
Phillips drive bits are often designated by the letters “PH”, plus a size code 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 (by order of increasing size); the numerical bit size codes do not necessarily correspond to nominal screw size numbers.

Tool size Fastener size
0 0–1
1 2–4
2 5–9
3 10–16
4 18–24

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Category Roofing Bolts
Finish Zinc Plating or As request
Type Metric/Imperial Threaded or As request
Material Bronze/Stainless Steel/Steel/Aluminum/Brass
Brand Ever Hardware
Place of origin China Mainland
Size option As request
Color Black or as request

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