Threaded rivets harpoon round flat head solid aluminum rivet locking insert

Threaded rivets are the permanent mechanical fastener. Before being installed, a rivet consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. The end opposite to the head is called the tail. On installation the rivet is placed in a punched or drilled hole, and the tail is upset, or bucked (i.e., deformed), so that it expands to about 1.5 times the original shaft diameter, holding the rivet in place. In other words, pounding creates a new “head” on the other end by smashing the “tail” material flatter, resulting in a rivet that is roughly a dumbbell shape. To distinguish between the two ends of the rivet, the original head is called the factory head and the deformed end is called the shop head or buck-tail. Ever Hardware provides custom made threaded rivets and customizable packaging.

Common rivet head styles are oval, truss, button, flat and countersunk. Among the raw materials used are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Rivet plating and coating options are selected by end user dependent on the application.
Semi-tubular and tubular rivets are excellent fasteners to quickly and inexpensively join work-piece materials together. The tubular portion of the rivet may be fastened to a tight or loose (hinged assemblies) fit depending on the application. Riveted work-pieces are most often joined together by impacting or compressing the tubular end of the rivet with a crimping die (rivet anvil). The length of the rivet shank must be long enough to pass through work-piece with enough shank length left over for clinching process. The tightness of the clinched joint is determined by the amount of force applied to the clinched end of the rivet and can easily be adjusted.

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Category Threaded Rivets
Finish Purification or As request
Type Anti loose-threaded or As request
Material Teflon/Brass/Stainless steel/carbon steel/Aluminum
Brand Ever Hardware
Place of origin China Mainland
Size option As request
Color Natural or as request

Threaded rivets harpoon round flat head solid aluminum rivet locking insertEver Hardware Industrial Limited

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